Library Blogs… promote reading and technology

What is the purpose of a library blog?

I was curious as to what I would find on library blogs when I began this project. What I discovered was that library blogs can be used as a sort of one-stop shop for information about all things related to a media center, or a librarian may choose to focus on one particular aspect he or she is passionate about. My reviews here include blogs with different purposes. McSpedden Elementary Library combines the information you would usually find on a library website along with the more interactive, social aspects of blogs. Technology is Loose in the Library features the many technological tools students use in the library. Watch. Connect. Read  focuses on introducing wonderful books to children so they might be connected to a book that is just right for them.


McSpedden Elementary Library 

Motto: Read. Learn. Connect. Create

This blog serves a variety of purposes. In many respects it functions as a library website with links to the library catalog, ebooks, reading programs, databases, online resources, volunteer guidelines, and the mission statement. Teachers can request books or schedule a visit. A balloon icon links to a birthday book donation program. But the library blog goes a step further by incorporating social media. They can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. The library participated in World Read Aloud Day by Skyping with other classes around the country and with an author.  Book reviews, book trailers, and links to many author and book websites encourage reading. Media Specialists can gather a number of book lessons and author study ideas for use in their own libraries. Educators can learn about digital storytelling. Proceeds from a grant allowed librarian, Mrs. Lambert to design a new MakerSpace to encourage innovation and creativity. As stated in the motto, this library seeks to encourage reading, learning, connecting, and creating.


Technology is Loose in the Library!! 

This library blog proves that technology plays an integral role in the future of our libraries. Students throughout the school are featured using a variety of technological tools. Fourth graders learn from Mrs. Knutson how to create their own Google websites which will become their Elementary Digital Portfolios as they include projects from each grade level. They are learning the importance of a positive digital footprint. Second graders narrate their favorite wordless picture books. Even kindergarten students join the technology bandwagon as they use iPads to take selfies and create picture collages. Students can review favorite books on their own blogs. A menu at the top of this blog leads to the school website, technology tips, a Symbaloo Webmix, and information about coding. The technology tips seemed like a great resource. The library was also hosting a March Madness Tournament of Books as a fun way for students to vote for their favorite books. It is evident students at this school are learning important technological skills through their library media center.


Watch. Connect. Read.

Motto: Exploring Children’s Literature through Book Trailers

The purpose of this librarian blog is evident with the plethora of book trailers and interviews with authors and illustrators used by Mr. Schumacher to encourage reading. A host of books are featured and summarized each month with countless links to more books, and their authors. The February post includes a brief video of an interview with Cece Bell, author of El Deafo and links to a book trailer of Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla. Mr. Schumacher promotes Children’s Book Week, World Read Aloud Day, and Newberry and Caldecott Medal Challenges as further ways to inspire reading. If you are looking for a good book to read, a visit to this blog will present a multitude of choices.


Each of these great blogs is unique. They represent a variety of ways blogs can be used by librarians. The question: What will be the purpose of my library blog? How about yours?



2 thoughts on “Library Blogs… promote reading and technology

  1. I love that you have a question at the end of your post, since I enjoyed how other bloggers kept the readers’ attention by asking questions. It seems like librarian’s blogs can do many things! Offer a book check out system, provide book discussions or opportunities for a visit, and lessons or how-tos for using technology. Thank you for putting these blogs in one place and highlighting their different and wonderful qualities. Your blog is very interesting, like the ones you wrote about.


  2. Wow, I really enjoyed looking at your posts. I especially found the Watch. Connect. Read. one to be interesting. I love all of the trailers that the librarian put together to promote reading and books. What a great way to expose children to books that they may not be familiar with and get them excited about reading them. I also like the simplicity of this blog. The videos are quick and tell a lot in a short amount of time. It’s also well-rounded in that it includes activities being done in the library, different books, and various authors and illustrators. I wonder how long it takes to put together one of the slideshows? This might be an easy way to stay on top of a multitude of literature and keep a blog current. Just on a side note, I am SO jealous he was able to see Katherine Applegate speak and get a copy of The One and Only Ivan signed!


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